5-Haiti trip: Conclusion, finally arrived!!! Trianon, Mirebalais

Greetings dear friends,

The destination of our trips finishes with where we are now in Haiti since October 9, 2018. Starting with the highest map indicator we are going to the one just below it. This is where we will be doing ministry in Haiti. This place is called Anatoth which is situated in the village of Trianon, near the city of Mirebalais. This is a community that is composed of survivors of the earthquake (2010), there are seven families that live here and there is a school for 200 children (community and school) from kindergarten to grade 9. They want to continue up to grade 13 one year at a time each year. What the Lord has prepared for us is marvelous, we can live with Haitians in this community and with the direction of the Lord we can introduce a trade school ministry with the next academic years which will be added. What is good is that the teachings are Christian, and we can bring freshness from the Lord to this culture. A way of thinking that is victorious, fulfilling and hopeful which the Lord can bring them. It is good to hear the young ones at 9am going around the community singing that the Lord has made them free and to magnify His name with the teachers and the mothers who are there to help the school. I will introduce myself slowly into the classrooms, play games to get to know the little marvelous ones the Lord has entrusted us, it’s Him who brings them and who will give the ideas to help them go further. I have much hope and dreams and these dreams belong to Him. Sunday at church I had a 6 month old in my arms, he danced to the music and I had him going in circles, after he fell asleep in my arms I could hear the Lord saying to me, here is your first disciple. This child will grow, and knowing myself, I will be present in his life, and in his community each day, and be an example to him of the love of God. It is good to be with the Lord and to accomplish his plans. My desire with time is to show you pictures, videos but I ask you to be patient because some do not want to be photographed, they want at first to be very well dressed, so here are a few pictures of the infrastructures of the community and once they are use to our presence, we will be able to send you more pictures and videos of them and their life. The following pictures will help you see the site at Anatoth to see where we live and after I will be back in another blog with more pictures of us and the life here and of our personal space and of the ministry that I will share with you in pictures, with stories and of adventures.

Until next time Marie-Jo

Style of our place of stay, the left door is our personal space (15×12) and to the right our office space (15×12) (Solar Energy)

The inside of the church

Entrance to the kitchen (solar energy)

Two community houses. There are 3 to 6 kids per family

Anatoth has many trees, green plants and kids

Community house with mango tree in front. In abundance during the season

Small one’s classroom


Shower and toilets (backhouse). Many onsite.

Community gazebo in the background

Small path to walk or pray

Community in everyday life

Path at Anatoth


Attached to the kitchen, toilet (water) and to the right an office door (solar energy)

Youth’s classroom

School office to receive the parents

Peter under the Gazebo in the center of the community

Interior of the church with the school’s director

Peter teaching about the baptism of the Holy Spirt

Peter talking with a Haitian under the Gazebo

If you have any questions about any photo please do not hesitate to ask me, or about our life here at Anatoth.

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