We graduated from IBQ in the early 2000s. We started out as a youth pastoralist in New Brunswick. Peter worked at Défi-jeunesse Québec for 2 years in a management position and then as pastor in Ste-Anne-des-Monts and then in Victoriaville.

We are parents of 4 children: Sarah, Benjamin, Isabelle and David, all adults and living in Canada as well as two granddaughters, Anna and Lara and a grandson Ezekiel.

In 2016, we prepared and were trained for 2 years with APDC to be missionaries in Haiti. We made at the same time 3 missionary journeys in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in Haiti and one mouth Romania in 2017.

Since 9 october 2018, we have been full-time missionaries in Haiti. We lived in a Haitian community for 2 years, learning Creole and culture and working in a school of 250 students. We are currently helping in a school of 750 children in southern Haiti and another school of 250 students. We are also working to help another school that is just starting out. All are evangelical Christian schools. Peter also began teaching university students a basic computer course to use a computer as an instrument for their learning.

Our long-term mission in Haiti is to network among Christian schools to train young people to excel in leadership while living their lives and facing challenges by having a personal relationship with Jesus.