The Lord establishes His purposes for our lives long before He calls us to do them. In adolescence, before knowing each other and even before knowing the Lord, Marie-Josée and I wanted to go to work in third world countries to give them water. Later, we have always lived and ministered with this missionary thought: No matter where the Lord wants us, we will go. This led us to do ministry in New Brunswick and in the Gaspé where we were certainly missionaries. However, the more the years passed, the less the thought of an overseas mission was present in my wife’s heart but not in mine, which remained silent. Now after 24 years of Christian life, a confirmation from his Spirit asks us to walk this path to bring water, but this time wanting to bring them the rivers of living water of the Lord.

At the end of a pastoral ministry, we fast to seek guidance from the Lord. He speaks Haiti to the heart of my wife. He reminds her of words to her heart and awakens in her her desire for the mission in Haiti. At this news, I inquired about the process at Missions Internationales with the PAOCs. Everything tumbled like a snowball, it was amazing to see how the Lord moved the things that followed in a calm and efficient way with peace and joy in our hearts. We have been in training for missions for 2 years with the APDC and during this time we have done 4 short missions in Haiti and 1 month in Romania. The Lord has clearly confirmed to us the direction for Haiti, speaking to us through his Word and in many aspects of our lives.
Our mission call is to bring young souls to Jesus, to make them disciples and leaders in their country and thus lengthen the cords of the Kingdom of God.