We are aware that if we build without Him, we build in vain. We need his direction, his strength, and his disposition of the hearts of the people we will meet. The Lord also desires that we work with his body, in unity because we cannot undertake the mission without you, we need an effective and faithful team of prayer with us so that his Spirit acts on all the ground. This is why every morning in Haiti, we want to immerse ourselves in his presence and to know that prayer teams in Quebec, in Canada and in the world, are invaluable and support us because “The prayer of the just is of great importance. effectiveness ”and non-prayer is of great ineffectiveness and makes room for the enemy. So praying and listening to the Lord’s direction is the priority before doing anything. The Lord is our shield and our fortress, let us go to his counsel.


In Haiti, the name of Jesus is written everywhere; on trucks, doors and walls. However the beautiful name is used for all kinds of rituals even for witchcraft. The seed will be to shed light on the name of Jesus and why he came to earth. Sow to bring salvation, deliverance, eternal life by teaching that the Word of God is the only reliable source for knowing Jesus. We work with children and youth to plant the Life of the Savior early in their hearts. We also believe that Jesus will also give a collateral seed with the families of the children.


The desire and passion of our hearts is to teach children and youth to search the scriptures and to discern between truth and lies. To do this we provide computer education and work with toddlers in schools with the message of a Savior in whom they can trust and discover a Father, who for many never had. We will seek to be “coaches” to help them explore their talents and gifts, which will rebuild their dignity and give them a new vision for Haiti.


Rebuild Haiti with the Lord, by them, for them. We believe that by imparting hope to them through the Word, they will inherit the promises “I have plans for them of happiness and not of unhappiness in order to give them hope and a future.” »(Jer 29.11). This is his promise for those who want to follow him. This is a message of hope and life and this is what we will offer them so that they want to rebuild a new Haiti with Him.