by Peter Oram

Haiti is a country with a lot of courage. There is a young population, which is fantastic for those who love children, and the people are resilient, that is to say they overcome difficulties well.

Young people have many challenges in overcoming obstacles in order to have a successful life cycle. This is the reason for More for Haiti, because my wife and I believe that there is more for Haiti, we have a vision and we want to help them.

With our eyes, we can see a bright future for these young people, despite all the hardships,

We love the freedom there is in Haiti, to enter the schools and talk about Jesus, it’s wonderful. We loved meeting young people who grow up in Jesus, who take care of themselves and are heading towards a new future, it’s so refreshing.

When Jesus said, we are more than conqueror, it’s true. There are young people in Haiti who are more than winners. My wife and I are convinced that Jesus will be lifted up in Haiti, and that the pearl of the West Indies will shine again.

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