Object lesson from everyday life

In missions, the Lord teaches us many things through every day object lessons which has us reflect upon and then understand the things in life are a means through which God communicates with us, simply like a gentle murmur. Here is a very special story that has dazzled Peter and Myself in the lesson He has given us.

Within the community came two stray dogs, a young female full of life who dominated another lame female dog with a limp. The cripple dog loved to sleep near our dwelling, Peter spoke to her but I did not and preferred the younger dog who wanted my caresses, who ran and played with energy. Whenever I caressed the younger dog, the older looked on but did not approach she was dominated and intimidated by the younger, she keep her distance, then one day I had food that I gave it to the younger female and I presented some to the crippled female, she approached by two steps but backed away, she never came to get the food, I know the other would have done nothing because I am the master and I give to whom I want, but she was fearful.

When we went Peter and I to stroll on the territory of the younger female, the older one dared to venture to be with us but from a distance, the younger female ran after her aggressively and the cripple dog did not adventure on this territory again.

Now do you know the story of Mephiboseth in the Bible? Mephibosegth, a lame cripple, grandson of a previous fallen king. Mephiboseth told the King on the throne, who had sent for him “Why are you interested in a dead dog like me?” The king invites him and tells him to come to his table, where he will now eat with the king every day and will be like his family because of a promise made to his father. (For those who do not know the story see in the Bible.)

This shows us our situation before God the Father, we are fallen sick people but He invites us lame sinners to eat at His table and makes us His children, sons and daughters of God, because of His promise to send us a King and Savior Jesus Christ and if we accept His sacrifice we are “delivered from the darkness of this earth and transported into the kingdom of the Son of His love.” (Colossian 1.13)

Well, you had to know this story before continuing.

So I go on, my young female dog was not very obedient, very rebellious and I realized that Patte Cassée (Broken Paw), the other dog as we named her, was obeying me, she was very docile and gentle in character and my heart began to attach to her and oops! There she is pregnant. I had a touch of tenderness for this dog, I was not very happy with the other who was stubborn, so my heart easily capsized for Patte Cassée, the lame, and she received my warm affections.

Peter and I adopted the cripple as if it was our dog, I fed her, cherished her, and spend the day before she gave birth with her and Peter gave her a little place to give birth. The other dog come and I gave her some attention, but as soon as the puppy was born, I chased the younger girl from my place, I was afraid that she would attack the puppy ​​and I was protecting Patte Cassée that was nursing, I did not allow the other to disturb her at our place where she was with her puppy. all this within the Haitian community who do not necessarily like dogs, they watched us with astonishment.

Three months later, I decided to feed the young female with the mother and the puppy, the first night it went well, the three had their dish, but woe the second night the younger female jumped on the puppy’s dish and attacked the puppy, Patte Cassée in turn jumped on her to protect her puppy. It was over for the younger dog, she had gone over the line, her blessing was withdrawn. Go Away, You are Banised! I was angry. For a month, the young female followed me, trying hard to get the caresses that she will never have, even though my heart was sad about that. She became the enemy of my protégés, shed attacked the puppy on Patte Cassée’s territory where the younger had never been chassed away. Patte Cassée would only growl at the younger when she approached too much her puppy. The younger attacked while there was a dish for her, she disobeyed while waiting and rushed to what did not belong to her and attacked the puppy on the mother’s territory. Stupid dog !!!!

So, where I am I going with this, keep following, be patient, I’ll get to the object lesson.

After the story of the attack of the younger dog on the puppy, which was now banished and chased away, and which I did not tolerate close to me, it is now the younger that follows us from afar. Patte Cassée is now at home, on her territory. We are benevolent with her and her puppy and the younger Haitians have a lot of fun seeing her grow up and to play with her; it’s a new way to see animals for them. Bella, the puppy as we have named her, is welcomed in the community even though she steals a few shoes, which I bring back to their moms.

Now we have to grasp this: From stray dog, Patte Cassée now knows HER POSITION AND HER HOME, SHE ALSO KNOWS HER MASTERS who protects her, feeds her, and meets all her emotional needs. She is lame, crippled but now she belongs to someone who loves her, it’s amazing how it made her strong and confident, very informative for us.

That’s where this whole story takes us.

Feeling strong, belonging to loving masters, she faced the other dog, her enemy, the younger female, she took her position and dominated it little by little, she completely subjugated her on her territory. I see that she finds strength, her pride, in belonging. She is not afraid of anything, it’s amazing to see that, it’s really fascinating. WOW the dominated becomes the strong dominant because of its position.

The younger is always in the vicinity but when she sees Patte Cassée arrive, she lies on the ground all four legs in the air in submission. Sometimes Patte Cassée overcomes her on the ground to remind her who dominates, now Patte Cassée comes and walks with us throughout the territory as a queen and attention to other dogs who come and even with foreigners who come we’ve have had to intervene with sometimes. She does not bit people but she is a watchdog that barks.

The Lord shows us through this situation that we too have a wonderful Master who takes care of us, protects us, gives us everything we need, a faithful Master who has gave his life to bring us into our position. In Him, in His kingdom. Our confidence in His protection, in His goodness, gives us assurance in all circumstances in our lives and to be strong because in Him we have everything fully, it is His word and it is sure and true. KNOW OUR POSITION. The Lord has made us the head and not the tail and to know that what we do not see is more real than what we see. The temporal things of this world will pass and the eternal ones will remain, those of the celestial kingdom are invisible to this world; we true Christians are a royal race and the word of God says that we are seen as earthen vessels on this earth. These eternal things are ours in Him and through Him. Remember that Jesus said to Pilate that He was indeed king, but that His kingdom is not of this world, a kingdom that is not seen, but exists, and will one day appear.

I hope this story encourages you to persevere by keeping your position and to know who we are and what a wonderful Kingdom we belong to.

Thank you for reading.

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