Photos to thank you

Here are as promised photos of members of the community and the interior of our room.

Do you remember my letter or my first disciple, three months later, the day of his consecration. How beautiful are the feet of those who announce good news, are not they?
Another photo of Devenzky without the jacket this time.
Here is Anne-Lise, she loves the Lord very much and bears the fruits of a Christian. Anne-Lise is part of the community and leads worship in the church, she is helping teachers at school. She is a widow and has 6 children, her husband died in the 2010 earthquake
Again Anne-Lise who agreed to be photographed while working.
Here is Clairnise, she takes care of a lot of things in the community including the guest-houses of the teams that visit us, the cooking and worship in church. Clairnise is part of the community, she has 4 children. Her husband died in the 2010 earthquake.
Clairnise and I after church.
Here is a beautiful Christian family. Alcius, Yolna and their three children, Godson on the left, Samuel on the right and Betsaida on the back. Alcius is our construction site manager and takes care of the property. He has a small chicken coop and pig farm in our community of Anatoth.
Here is a man who lives with the community and with me. My Peter, he in this picture is reading his Bible on our little balcony in front of our house.
View from our front door
The common kitchen for the Guest-houses
Here is my office where I write and do my blogs and many other things. I’m going to take care of the petty cash by computer data for Anatoth in January.
Our entire office
Our home with two twin beds and the indispensable net against flies and critters.
For info only. Our dry, white and clean toilet, with cleaning products and sawdust to put in the pot to reduce odors (bucket on the left). For those interested, the little white pot on the right goes inside the bench where we puts the saw dust. When it is full we puts the lid and (excluded the person speaking) we go to the agreed place and HOP !!!! Peter with bleach, a true prince of the Lord, a great reward awaits him.
My little Haitian washbasin, consisting of a water jug ​​with valve
My little dog, she is pregnant and will soon give birth. She made her little corner in front of my office near the plants. I had called her cocotte but coco is a very vulgar word in Haiti so now it’s Didibelle.
What we see on the roads
It’s the end, see you next time

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