Let’s move on 2019

2019 has started fast as lightning with no time to turn around and already half of the month is finished. More and more my life is being transformed here, I feel at home and the Lord is showing me his plans in my mind. We were invited Peter and I to the Charbonneau’s for a Christmas meal and we had a great time, it’s good to have brothers in a foreign country and feel at home around a table full of Haitian. It was really special. We wish to thank the Charbonneau’s for their attention and kindness to us.

Moving on in 2019 which has started. Back in 2018 I had a small group of toddlers that I met once a week to do an activity, this helped me with integration in Haiti and to communicate with the community, to get to know them better, to live together and learn Creole. I’m starting to connect (and stretched) with the children of the village. I am now a assistant
teacher every day in the small classes. I spend two hours a day communicating with them, and establishing a relationship in order for these little ones to experience the greatness of the Lord, to know that they are winners and victors, to give them hope and the desire to build a future. for them and their country. I was prepared for this because our message during the education of our children was: “I do not want you to serve God because I serve him, or because I know him, I want you to experience him personally and that you build a relationship with Him, I teach you and speak to you about it but you have to experience Him and his love” Amen.

My strength is to let myself be guided by the Lord, I apply myself to being in communion with the Spirit at every moment, He shows us so much when we are attentive, and He makes me live unexpected circumstances that He is the only one that can create them. At this moment, we have a specialist, an experienced woman and a director in Quebec in child education, who gives me advice, shows me how to observe to bring under control behaviors and gives me tips to educate these little ones in their self-esteem and in an assurance that will eventually make them act as citizens of a stronger Haiti, that they can learn to assert themselves, to be themselves and not to be in conformity with others and things that have never changed. In their class, they learn to repeat, to learn by heart the thoughts of the person who speaks strong and loudly and to say and to repeat and repeat without stopping to think or to make their own opinion, the difference of thought or choice is not worked on, it is the model of teaching that I saw in Haiti, having visited several schools. If we ask them a personal question or ask them what they think of a few things, they are “stuck” unable to express themselves; may the Lord guides us in all this with His wisdom, spiritual intelligence, and the discernment of saying and doing things by his Spirit so that the renewal of thoughts may be done in them so that they will move forward in life confidently knowing that the God of all eternity is with them and that He brings them to be leaders who reflect, think, form an opinion and move forward in faith and with the power of the Lord who leads them. Amen.

For practical purposes, I will also take care of accounting to help the administration of Anatoth. We are still learning Creole which suffered a bit in the end of December and early January but we have now restructure our time and have restarted. Of course we do not forget you, you give news and communicate what we live, which is part of our goal, we want to keep you informed. Voila for the month of January.

You can see the following article in the blog where I send you some pictures as promised of the community because people are now confident and are ready to get their picture taken, it was done slowly. We also show you some interiors of dwelling where we live . There is also my little disciple whom the Lord gave me of whom I spoke to you in one of my previous newsletter, he was 6 months old at the time, now in the photo he is 9 months old and he walks, he looks with big eyes that seem to say “what a strange and different person this is, she is so pale !!!!” But now he recognizes me and smiles at me. You can see it now on the blog in the article “Photos to Thank You”

See you next time, the story continues.


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