2 Haiti Trip: On the mountain

Hello adventurers of the Lord,

We continue our journey by going to the mountains, we are still in the south of the country demonstrated by the four red location icons to the left of the map. We are in a small community on a very high summit where a Christian Haitian has grown up. This man has been our driver to several destinations in Haiti (He drives well and is safe). He is a Haitian man for whom the Lord has put his country into his heart. He could have gone to France where his parents remain and go to study at the university like his brothers and sisters, but he decided to stay in Haiti and to work for the Lord walking in the faith with a vision for his country. Listening to him, what he told us confirmed and went along with the things that the Lord showed us, Peter and myself for Haiti. We discover that the Lord speaks to many and that a freshness from God is being felt little by little, and this time it is not the work of the whites but the locals who want to overcome, and this is very encouraging. We are here to awaken their full potential and believe me they have it. It may be paradoxical, but our goal as a missionary is to help them so that we can eventually leave and that the Haitians become autonomous without us. At the end of our journey this man told us: “You have confirmed things that the Lord want me to do in Haiti.” We know of another Christian organization built by a Haitian and we connected him with this organization, he did not know it and he was blessed to see everything being done. They want to meet again to communicate and collaborate. Already our ministry has begun in Haiti, connecting Christians, assembling Christians, working together in all the resources that are there and that the Lord puts at our disposal. Too many people work alone, and this does not bear fruit because the Lord wants us to work together in collaboration with Him, He is the head, we are the body and he does not want any limb to be amputated.

This man I mentioned earlier, brings the gospel to about 120 children once a week on Saturday (he lives in town and is not always there), and he started an economic project for this community. He gave a goat to a few families; these families must take care of the goat. They keep the first baby, the second and give the third to another family. Soon a goat trade will grow in this region, they will be able to live and exchange other products for their use (barter) as well as receive money. Eventually, this community can then invest in other areas, such as seeds, gardens, etc. This man is a fervent Christian, he helps his community to get by and they see how the Lord accompanies and blesses him. One interesting thing that this man told us is: “There are far too many people who speak and preach in Haiti but where are those who help people to overcome in a concrete way? As we said in another blog, it’s nice to have a high school diploma, but what do you do with it? We visited a Haitian church in Quebec and the pastor confirmed our mission by saying: “I am grateful that I was able to get my high school diploma in Haiti but when I finished I realized that I did not know how to do anything with my ten fingers, I could not work.” He was happy to see our project to lead and help young people use their hands to move forward and to build using their full potential with the direction of the Lord to become self-sufficient and to one day to say to us with thanksgiving that our help is no longer necessary.
The man from the small community we talked about eventually wants to start a vocational school for young Haitians, remember, he brings the Word of God to 120 children once a week. To pay for their education, young people will have to give 2 years to a community, this way they can not only study in a Christian environment but practice their profession. They will be able to rebuild, raise or help communities. This man needs a hand and we are here for that, we do not need to reinvent the wheel, the Lord gives us everything to move forward; did he not create the world from nothing, what is it for Him to restart a country’s economy?

There are also many false thoughts to break, as if you are not going to college you are good for nothing and you will always be a subordinate. What is still paradoxical is that those who have trades earn a better living than academics who often find themselves unemployed or who dream of going to the US but do not know that their diploma is not recognised there. We must break down walls of these false thoughts that keep them captive and give them a new vision that will bring hope with the Spirit of our God who wants to give them a complete salvation: spirit, soul, body, family and country. Amen

Peter and I with kids from the community

Two sisters, a cousin and their grand-mother

Children who begin to arrive for Bible teaching, there can be up to 120 kids. You can see another small house from community in the back with the orange door.

A house in the community. They are far and few between because of the area

The mountainous landscape with goats. Try to concentrate on the mountains at the bottom of the photo, you will see how high the community is, the small dark green dots at the back, they are big trees.

A small goat given to a family

If you look closely, you see a guardrail at the bottom of the photo and the precipice, there you will see the roof of a house and the precipice continues down. It is so high it makes the heart pound and the picture does not show the height very well but it’s dizzying and then it goes up again. In the background of the photo you can see the sea just below the mountain ridge along the horizon.

The Caribbean Sea at the bottom of the mountain. A great stop for lunch after 5 hours of driving along Haitian roads and before taking the road again up the mountain. God is good and he takes care of us at all times.

I will share, next time, another story of a place we visited, each story talks about the glory of God with the beautiful Haitian people and many of these stories are not known. I believe that the Lord wants to encourage us for Haiti, I believe that many good things are happening and many more will happen. No, the source of grace from Jesus is not dried up, and until His return, it will flow because God hears the heart that cry and Christians in Haiti cry for the deliverance of their country. Do you know the little song from the past, “I tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God, lala lala lala” … you will see the glory of God.

May the Lord fill you with the knowledge of His will for your life.

Marie-Jo, More for Haiti

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